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Dog Day...the Saturday Morning Paw-ty

Dog Day...the Saturday Morning Paw-ty

August 29, 2023

This weekend the Focus Point Wealth Management LLC team celebrated our furry companions at Main Community Park in Windsor! The event could not have had better weather and the park was full of life on Saturday morning. Coffee went down fast, and conversations took off. We all took a little time out of our busy days and committed to learning a little more about our selfless panting companions.

Professional dog tracker and trainer Brian was on site to give us all incredible information on how scent dogs are utilized in searches of missing persons and pets. We learned that the training techniques are completely different if you train them for urban searches vs a wildlife outdoor search. Scent not only rolls in the wind but will not stick to any hard surfaces like concrete, making the dogs work harder to follow and track in urban areas. He then proceeded to do a demonstration where one of our younger attendees, River, was made to hide across the park behind the biggest tree all the while Brian and his loyal tracking dog Stormy waited on the other side. Brian grabbed an article of River’s clothing and let Stormy smell it. With one command, “Find!” she was off. She quickly covered the cool short grass of the park and made a beeline straight to the tree were brave lost trainee River, laid in wait. In a flash she was found showing all participants just how powerful the scent tracking ability is in this breed of dog.

As the sun rose higher in the sky the Dog Day event was coming to a close. Goodbyes were shared and goodie bags distributed. The last danish and coffee were quickly claimed, and everyone went on to finish their beautiful sunny Saturday.