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Meet the Focus Point Wealth Management Team

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Focus Point Wealth Management, LLC was founded by Janet M. Stanley. Born and raised in Greeley, Colorado she has practiced as a Certified Public Accountant since 1993. In Accounting, her degree was earned from the University of Northern Colorado and in 1993 received the professional designation of CPA from the State of Colorado. In 2009 Janet received the professional designation of Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Janet is currently in good standing as a member of the American Institute of CPA’s, American Institute of CPA’s PFS division, and the Colorado Society of CPA’s. Our professional Licensure encompasses multiple states.

Client Centered

Our practice understands today’s needs and challenges to individuals and small businesses and is pleased to provide a full range of financial services to address those needs.

As a fiduciary financial planner, Focus Point Wealth Management, LLC is unique in two ways. First, we are truly independent because the practice does not sell any proprietary products and second, we are a “client-focused” financial planner. Therefore any recommendations we provide are based upon your goals and must be in your best interest. Your goals will always dictate which financial instruments we will implement in order to pursue your financial independence. Our interest is in growing your wealth and providing long-term service with regular check-ups and periodic financial workshops throughout the year that enhance your knowledge and decision making.

You can be assured that although Janet is an independent financial representative, that does not mean that she works alone. As an independent representative, we have chosen to partner with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc., (WFS) for two reasons.

First, because we share the same philosophy: People and their financial goals always come first.

Second, because of its financial strength. 

Our association with WFS enables us to offer you enhanced services and support. WFS works exclusively with independent representatives, like Janet, exclusively.

This means that we are not obligated to sell a particular company’s products. This enables us to offer you a comprehensive array of financial products from multiple providers to help you build a portfolio tailored to your specific goals.

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