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Financial Planning Products


 An Unwavering Commitment to Delivering the Best Fit Strategies.

We offer the following products to address the needs based upon the comprehensive financial strategy.

  • Stocks – Investment in individual companies
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – Real Estate investment trusts used for passive income and to help reduce income taxes on the sale of real estate.
  • CDs – Insured, fixed interest rate
  • IRAs – Roth and Traditional (Rollovers)
    • IRAs (Individual Retirement Arrangements) are investment accounts where a person can save for retirement.
    • Traditional IRAs allow tax-free contributions but impose taxes at the time of withdrawal.
    • Roth IRA contributions are taxed before the contribution into the account but tax-free at the time of withdrawal if certain conditions are met.
  • 401(k), Simple IRA and SEP IRA
    • These types of plans are referred to as “employer-sponsored retirement plans”.
    • 401(k) plans can be setup as a Traditional or Roth IRA. The contributions are salary deferrals. Employers can also contribute to the account.
    • Simple IRAs (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) are a retirement plan set up by small business owners. Both employees and employers can contribute to this Traditional IRA plan setup for employees.
    • SEP IRAs (Simplified Employee Pension Plan) can be setup by a business of any size (including self employed). Contributions are made by the employee. It is a Traditional IRA plan.
  • Mutual Funds – Investment in many companies not just one.
  • Annuities – Tax deferred retirement vehicle that can be used to accumulate/preserve or can be used to supplement other retirement income such as pensions and social security. Insured products provided by over 39 insurance companies. Hundreds of products all designed to provide you with different outcomes, preserve and accumulate your wealth, or designed for income or sometime in the future.
  • Life Insurance – Provides income to a named beneficiary at the time the insured passes away (or at a specified time limit)
  • College Savings Plans (529) – Tax-advantaged investment plan designed to help families save for future education costs.


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