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Janet Stanley

Janet Stanley


It’s not often you find someone who has a passion for what they do professionally but luckily for Janet M. Stanley and the families she serves, that is exactly the case. With almost three decades of experience in financial services and accounting, Janet is passionate about using her experience to dispel bad information, end financial-planning confusion, and help her clients pursue their financial goals and dreams.

Janet graduated with her BA in Accounting from University of Northern Colorado. Following graduation, she worked in public accounting, earned her CPA designation in 1993. She worked primarily in tax preparation for individuals, s-corporations, partnerships, and trusts. She also participated in audits of corporations, government entities, and non-profits. She started her own CPA firm in 2003.

As Janet continued her career as a CPA, she became increasingly aware that many of her clients were being given poor financial planning advise or left confused, leaving many of them with unexpected expenses, forcing them into higher tax brackets, and reducing their retirement income.

It was in 2005 that Janet realized that her clients needed an advocate, a guide, or better yet- someone who adhered to fiduciary principles. Someone who could cut through the confusing financial jargon, provide crystal clear advice, and do so based on the best interests of the client, not the firm. With her newfound passion, Janet acquired her securities license in 2005 and continued her education. She later received her financial planning accreditation from the AICPA as a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) in 2009, and eventually formed Focus Point Wealth Management, LLC.

Janet dedicates her time to educating her clients and the surrounding community on what it takes to take control over their financial futures. As a CPA/PFS, Janet provides individuals and small businesses with the knowledge and power they need to make smarter financial decisions, so they can pursue their goals. This includes help and education with tax planning, investment planning, estate planning, and principal preservation.

Janet is a wife, a mother, and a business owner. Additionally, she is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the American Institute of CPAs PFS Division, Colorado Society of CPAs, and the Better Business Bureau. She loves camping and traveling and appreciates the mix of culture and nature that only Colorado provides. Janet would be honored and humbled to share with you her knowledge, experience, and passion as your guide on life’s financial journey.


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